1.1. Using Community Currencies

1.1.1. Using CES - Community Exchange Software

If you want to make a donation to me using social currency, you can use:


CIC Member (Cooperativa Integral Catalana): COOP0012 (Xavier de Pedro)

1.1.2. Using Mercat Social (EcoSol - Community Currency from XES)

XES = Xarxa d'Economia Solidària - http://www.mercatsocial.cat
Account number to come.

1.1.3. Using Turutes - Ecol3VNG

Member number: S234. Contact me to provide your Member number.

1.2. Using Standard Currency (€, $, ...)

1.2.1. Using Paypal

You can reach me in paypal at xavi (a) confluencia.net

1.2.2. Using Standard Bank Transfer

Contact me and I'll provide my bank account defails for "Triodos" or "Caixa d'Enginyers"

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