This website gathers information on projects from Xavier de Pedro which might serve for social gardening, as seeds that might grow (beyond the initial action of the gardener) for changing society into (hopefully) something better :-)

Why something about "seeds", "gardening" and such, instead of the traditional way of speaking (and acting) with "Building a better society" etc?

Because I learned that a better world needs the ability to:

  • adapt to the changing environment in which it resides
  • grow when needed, and change shape or reproduce when the maximum size
    is reached for that system.
  • die at some point while passing the information to younger organisms that
    will stay there for longer.

Plants & living organisms can do it; buildings can not. Therefore, We need to "Plant a better world", and not just aim to "build it".

Buildings last a few thousand years, at the most. Living beings last (community-wise) one or two orders of magnitude more, at least. And Life on Earth has lasted so far at least 3500 milion years: why not learning from Living beings that create much more sustainable systems?

Image Seed: noun \ˈsēd\ : the beginning of something which continues to develop or grow

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