TikiLiveCD 0.7
Featuring Tiki 9
See: http://tiki.org/TikiLiveCD

TikiLiveCD 0.6
Featuring Tiki 6 (LTS)
See: http://tiki.org/TikiLiveCD

Ommel Live CD
Oxygen Model for Microtidal Estuaries and Lagoons-OMMEL. Initially designed to describe O2 dynamics in Alfacs Bay (Ebre Delta, NW Mediterranean, Spain), but usable for any marine coastal ecosystem with small tides. http://tdr.cesca.es/TDX-0222108-113814
(Live CD from Ph.D. thesis: code, compiling platform, thesis document)

See: http://sf.net/projects/ommel

Live Dual CD (gclUB)
See http://www.ub.edu/gclub/ws14


Image Seed: noun \ˈsēd\ : the beginning of something which continues to develop or grow

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